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August 31, 2010
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Attack Of The Clones by ZachDoug Attack Of The Clones by ZachDoug



    This is showing all of the lookalikes of Pokémon!

    NO TWO characters in this ENTIRE picture are the same character. All of them are ENTIRELY unrelated, have entirely different back stories, different / unique costumes, different names (Excluding Joys and Jennies) and have COMPLETELY unrelated personalities. They are their own characters who only happen to look similar.


    Left to right, bottom to top.

    1. Sir Aaron (Lucario & The Mystery Of Mew)
    2. Riley (From DP)
    3. Sparky (The Pikachu)
    4. Ritchie
    5. Pikachu (Buddy?)
    6. Ash Ketchum
    7. Pika (Red's Pikachu)
    8. Red (Isamu)
    9. Black (From BW)
    10. Nicholai (Hoenn)
    11. Nicholai's Mudkip
    12. Pikachutwo (Mewtwo Strikes Back!)
    13. Young Joy (Cruise)
    14. Young Joy (Also from Cruise)
    15. Nurse Joy (Darkrai Movie I think)
    16. Professor Joy (Indigo League I think)
    17. Excavationist Joy (Indigo League I think)
    18. Snowpoint Nurse Joy (Snowpoint city, duh.)
    19. Nurse Joy (Orange Islands)
    20. Elder Joy (I have no idea... I think Johto?)
    21. Paige Joy (DP)
    22. Marnie Joy (DP)
    23. Mother Nurse Joy (DP)
    24. Nurse Joy (Joy, her first name) (Mewtwo Strikes Back!)
    25. Beach Nurse Joy (Orange Islands)
    26. Young Joy (Also from cruise)
    27. Marina (Legend Of Thunder)
    28. Misty (Games)
    29. Kris / Crystal
    30. Lyra (Heart Gold / Soul Silver)
    31. Marble (Young Jenny) (DP)
    32. Commander Jenny (Destiny Deoxys.)
    33. Officer Jenny (Orange Islands)
    34. Officer Jenny (DP)
    35. Officer Jenny (Viridian City?)
    36. Silver
    37. Brandon
    38. Paul
    39. Gary Oak
    40. Green/Blue (Kai)
    41. Lucas (DP)
    42. Diamond (Dia) (Manga)
    43. Sapphire (Manga)
    44. Sapphire's Minun
    45. May's Skitty
    46. May
    47. Ms. Berlitz (Manga)
    48. Dawn
    49. Princess Salvia (DP)
    50. Gold (Manga)
    51. Jimmy (Legend Of Thunder)
    52. James' Mother
    53. Brock's Brother
    54. Brock Harrison
    55. Jessie
    56. Jessibelle (James' Fiance)
    57. Brock's Brother
    58. Byron (DP)
    59. Flint Harrison (Brock's Dad)
    60. Tyson's Meowth
    61. Brock's Sister
    62. Brock's Brother
    63. Meowth (Team Rocket)
    64. Forrest Harrison (Brock's Brother)
    65. James
    66. James' Dad
    67. Brock's Brother
    68. Meowthtwo (Mewtwo Strikes Back!)

        Answering many questions I got when drawing this image over Livestream.

    Why is Red From such and such manga there and not Red from the games or this other manga?

    Because Red is Red no matter what manga he's in, what personality he has, what back story he has, or how his adventure goes. If he is Red, he is Red. This is DIFFERENT characters. So Ash from the Anime is not a lookalike of Ash from Electric Tale Of Pikachu. Because OF COURSE they look alike--THEY'RE BOTH ASH. Marina and Crystal however are not the same person.

    Why did you put Ethan in his OLD outfit and not his cool new one?

    Because Jimmy doesn't dress like new Ethan he dresses like old Ethan.

    Why is James there twice but with a moustache / why is Brock there twice but with a beard?

    Those are their dads....

    Why is Lucas and Lucas there, May and May there, and Dawn, Dawn and Dawn if they're the same character?

    Those are Lucas and Dia (Polar opposite characters from unrelated Pokémon franchise), May and Sapphire (Also polar opposites from unrelated Pokémon franchise), Dawn, Princess Salvia, and Ms Berlitz (Also unrelated completely opposing personalities from different Pokémon franchise).

    May and Sapphire are as complete opposites as complete opposites can possibly get. They are in no way, shape, or remote FORM, remotely the same character. They also do not have the same name.

    Why aren't all of Brock's siblings there?

    I only added the ones that looked like Brock.

Characters I forgot

[Rui & Misty] [New Joy & New Jenny] (This picture's old..) [Jolteon & Hypno] [Khoury, Conway & Max] [Officer Jenny & Nurse Joy] (Only now do I realize I only put their special versions in and not their actual selves. LMAO!) [Brenden & Ruby] [Pearl & Barry] [Roark, Silver & Arianna] ..... and probably a whole bunch of others.

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Incredible, certainly incredible, you made it like in the original design and everything! you've diffidently have what it takes to go the distance! you've got a good eye, and a good impression on everything in particular, and great thought process and good timing, you need to focus that, and someday make a series of your own. It has been an honor to see your work, and critique it, and I hope I see more of your work, take that chance now in art before it's too late, and someday you too can go the distance, pleasant journeys to your dream!
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Allomni01 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
excellent work bro, your art is one of a kind :)

But all reds cannot be same red, it just cant,

red from the game will always be the one and true red, the only canon material there is, game red was made by satoshi tajiri, as lots of peeps know and by author rights, Game red is the true and canon red

red from pokemon adventure was Not made by satoshi tajiri but by Hidenori kusaka, his red is by right NOT canon, and his overall character is different from satoshi's red

They can never be the same, they have different adventures, starters as you say but at the end of the line

they have different authors and thats what seperates them.

game red is the canon red because its satoshi tajiri's creation,  straight from the creator of pokemon while

the other reds are from DIFFERENT authors and again I emhanize thus should be non canon
ZachDoug Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
    If his name is Red, he's an alt dimension version of Red. Misty isn't a lookalike of Misty in the game. She's just alt dimension Misty and does not count unless her name isn't Misty. If his name is Isamu or Red he is not a lookalike of Red that miraculously happens to look like Red. Ash is loosely based lookalike character of Red. So is Ritchie. All of the Reds do not count.
Allomni01 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
I agree, all the reds don't count, they are NOT the same, Game red will always be game red, and the other reds will always be what they are
ZachDoug Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
    If they don't count there's no reason for them to be in the picture. Which is why they're not. They're not lookalikes. : F
Allomni01 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
then how is adventure red in the picture?? :I
ZachDoug Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
    Because Ash is a lookalike of Red. Red > looks like Ash. Red > does not look like Red. Red is Red. I won't put 58934789352489346689624895128923578923589235 Misties in one picture and say they all happen to be lookalikes. They're all Misty. Misty looks a lot like Crystal. She also looks like Rui. Misty doesn't look like Misty. Red looks like Ash. Red and Ash are here. Red doesn't look like Red. Red is Red. I am not a lookalike of myself. I am also not a lookalike of an alternate dimension version of myself. I may be a lookalike of someone who looks like me who is not me. Ash and red aren't the same character because one is Red and one is Ash. But adventure Red and Red from the games are not Ash. They are Red and Red. Just like how Electric tale Ash is still Ash and is not a lookalike of Ash. I can reword this a billion times over if you need me to.
Allomni01 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
No need too, :I and I agree with the not counting I really do, but what is the problem is that, red from pokemon adventure and red from the game has different authors thus they can't be the same thing
ZachDoug Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
    Platina is a rich bitch named Platina/Ms. Berlitz and has a different colour scheme, different hair and eye colour from Dawn and is not a Pokemon trainer on a pokemon-catching adventure and has a Pachirisu and hangs out with Ash Ketchum. Platina/Ms Berlitz is therefore a lookalike of Dawn and not alt-dimension Dawn.

    If Red's name was Diggitysnicket and he was a hiphop artist/rapper with a gold tooth and happened to look a lot like Red, he would be a lookalike of Red. Diggitysnicket the hiphop artist is a lookalike of Red. But Red is always a kid in a red hat who has a Pikachu and is a Pokemon trainer on a Pokemon adventure. That is why Red is not a lookalike of Red. Come back when you find Diggitysnicket.
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YamiKariShadow6 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013   Digital Artist
ZachDoug Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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